My name is Rachel Moffatt and I live on the north shore of Lake Erie, in a small fishing village in Norfolk County, Ontario. I’ve always been drawn to water and wild things and grew up in a family filled with hunters and anglers. I learned from a young age how to identify, harvest, and prepare wild food and I am passing those skills on to my children.

As an adult I taught myself how to fish and became seriously addicted to the sport. I have now fished in both oceans, the Caribbean, many lakes and rivers, and have even started fishing competitively. As much as fishing is my passion, so is writing. I am a free lance writer and have written for several publications and websites, including WorldFishingNetwork.com and NationalProstaff.com.

I am passionate about teaching women to fish and to this end I am involved with Ontario Women Anglers and Great Canadian Female Anglers. I am also a fishing guide and instructor with Baer Fishing Adventures.

When I’m not fishing, I can often be found volunteering with the Long Point Land Trust where I act as a citizen scientist and collect data in the field for snake and turtle surveys during the spring, summer, and fall. Living in the Carolinian zone is a privilege and a responsibility. This area is home to so much of Canada’s biodiversity, it behooves every citizen to be aware and educated on protecting and preserving the precious life all around us.

Contact me:

Email: LakeErieLady29@yahoo.com

Twitter: @LakeErieLady

Instagram: LakeErieLady