A Cuban Vacation, The Flu,and Lots of Lizards

I spent Feb 10 to 17 in Varadero, Cuba and had high hopes for lots of fishing. I brought rods and tackle and all kinds of gear with me and had so many plans for fishing excursions. Unfortunately,not only did one of my reels get wrecked during the flight (#thanksnothanks #stillmad #Sunwing) but I caught the flu and became very sick. 10 days later and I’m still trying to get over it.

Since I was so ill my husband and I ended up staying close to the resort. Luckily we are both what’s known as ‘herpers’, that is, we have a great interest in reptiles. Part of the appeal of Cuba for us is the amount of wild reptiles and how accessible they. No need to go into the jungle, a walk down the sidewalk will furnish plenty of opportunities to view specimens of various species.

I am sorry that my dreams of catching barracuda and redfish didn’t come true but if I had to get sick at least I had great ‘friends’ to keep me company.




Cuban Curly Tailed Lizard
Brown Anole

The lizards are resort cats kept me entertained when I felt well enough to leave the room. If one has to get sick, paradise is a good of a place as any!


View from our room

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