How to Fill and Read a Glass Barometer

Science Manuals

By: Professors Lally & Whittaker


barometer 1 Goether Barometer (SOURCE: The Weather Doctor)

Glass weather barometers are used to predict precipitation, humidity, and weather patterns. Glass barometers were first invented and used in the 16th century by Wolfgang von Goethe, a German mathematician.

A weather barometer is also called a “storm glass” or “Goethe Barometer.” The tool works by measuring atmospheric pressure to predict incoming weather. Since the glass is only filled halfway with water, the other half is exposed to the atmosphere. When the outdoor atmospheric pressure rises, the pressure in the glass decreases, and causes the water to move down the spout. Conversely, when pressure decreases outside, pressure in the glass increases, and the water moves up the spout, and often times pours out. Below, you will learn to fill and read a glass barometer (Weather Underground).

 How to Fill the Barometer


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